Degrees and Certifications:

Rick Jackson


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Hello, here's a little about me.

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Born and raised in South Texas along the Gulf Coast near Corpus Christi.  Primary activities as a child were art, learning magic, and working my way up to Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts of America. Graduated from Kingsville High School (which is next to the King Ranch).

I joined the U.S.. Air Force out of high school and served for 4 years working on the SR71 Blackbird spy plane.  I was stationed in the far east and in England.  Following the Air Force I went to college and earned two things, one was a BFA in Fine Art and the other was a commission in the U.S. Army through ROTC. My first Army assignment was as a Second Lieutenant assigned to a Mechanized Infantry Division.  In the Army I was deployed to bases in the U.S.. and to Somalia, Africa during the humanitarian crisis with regional War Lords.

Following my time in the military I began to work in art as a portrait artist, children's book author and illustrator, book cover artist for a publisher in Australia, video game "skins" artist, and muralist.  During all this time I was also performing magic for birthday parties, school assembly shows, and stage illusion shows for an entertainment business.

In education I earned a Master's Degree in Elementary Education and am finishing a Doctoral degree Ed. D. I have two certifications; Elementary Education and Visual Art.  I am also endorsed to teach Reading.


During distance learning classes will be done in two ways. First is where I "teach & demonstrate" through Zoom meetings.  The second way is where I provide assignments for students to follow, either reading or videos or classwork tests and so on where the student does work on their own.  To help with this I will have office hours where students can call to ask for advice. Distance learning will be accomplished by logging in to Clever, then to zoom or to schoology.  Students will get the second part of instruction, and turn in assignments, through schoology...just like they will with their homeroom teacher...but I will have my own assignments pages-->the students will not find art lessons on the teacher schoology pages.


In face to face instruction I encourage learning in my class by use of centers, or stations, where students will be at a different learning center each week.  These centers will provide the students with opportunities to learn and grow by researching art and artists, by molding and modeling with their hands, digital art, reading, graphic art and more.

Discipline is handled in the class as much as is possible.  If I feel the need to inform a parent of discipline issues within the class I will send a message home to the parent through the home room teacher.  I would like these signed and returned.   If I do not get signed and returned notes I will call the parent to be sure they got the message. However, I do not anticipate there being many behavior issues since the class is designed to keep the students engaged and fun, fun, fun.

  • Grading:

    Yes, this is a graded class!

    I do not grade based on who is a "good" artist (as in can draw realistically).  I grade according to rubrics for each station.  Those rubrics consider time on task, following directions, cleaning up the station, amount of effort put into the task, etc.

    So a student who cannot draw a stick figure, but who pays attention, helps her/his teammates, TRYS, and cleans up can earn an A in this class as easily as a student who is the next Rembrandt or Michelangelo (I'm not talking about turtles).


    In distance learning grading will include one grade per week based on what is turned in through schoology.


    In face to face learning grading will include one grade per week based on what is turned in during class, homework submissions, and assessment scores.