• Staff Institute Day 2019

    Come join us on August 7th for the BCS 2019 Staff Institute! This is a day of excitement for all staff involved in shaping the lives of the district's students and to get them pumped for the first day of school, August 8th. 

    Prominent community members and students that will be speaking include: 

    • Superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring
    • Justin Smith
    • Jarvis Prewitt
    • Dr. Wendy Knight
    • Cedric Sparks


    ***Click here for the Staff Institute 2019 Seating Chart***

    Once you arrive to the location, be sure to check the seating chart and sit with your school. 


    The program starts at 8:30 AM, but teachers and staff are urged to arrive at their designated schools by 7:30 AM. At the end of the event, the schools will be dismissed by groups to head to buses. 

    Key Information 

    --Date: August 7th, 2019

    --Time: 8:30 AM

    --Location: Birmingham CrossPlex 

                           2337 Bessemer Road, Birmingham, AL 35208

    --Transportation: All teachers and school staff will arrive at their designated school's at 7:30 AM and ride buses to the location. 

    --Attire: Wear your school's colors!