Ms. Judy Hinton

Phone: 205.231.1040


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's and Master's Degree

Ms. Judy Hinton

Message from the teacher: 

Hello, my name is Ms. Hinton, and I am the seventh grade English Language Arts teacher at Jones Valley Middle. I really enjoy teaching in the areas of reading, writing, English, speaking, and listening. Getting to see students truly learn is awesome and rewarding. I look forward to something great each day, and they definitely deliver. Their joy and laughter continue to inspire me to do all I can to contribute to their success in life.

The year has not been all we had hoped for, but without a doubt, we have gotten to know one another well. In getting to know all of my students, I have been able to create and direct lessons to the needs of many. My desire is that all of you have dug deeper during the time that we have been out of the building. Remember, school never stopped, we just moved to different spaces with ongoing learning.

Thank you, your parents, and your family for persevering in getting things properly taken care of in your “at home classrooms”. It was a challenge, no doubt!  

During this time of unanswered questions, I want each of you and your families to be safe and protected from any harm. It seems that staying home is the thing to do; however, you will need to think of ways to keep one another from becoming bored. Be creative with your activities as I have had to do. Playing board games and coloring have become fun once again. Give them a try. Above all, stay connected and help each other get through this pandemic. Remember, when going out wear your face mask, and when coming in remove your shoes and wash your hands.

Contact Information: 

You may reach me at:, also, you can message me through Google Classroom by going to my page and sending me a comment. I will message you back with a comment. I check my emails and comments daily.

My office hours have been, and still are, Monday through Thursday 9a.m. until 11a.m. However, I will communicate through calls, messages, and email until 3p.m. There have been  circumstances where I have had to communicate beyond these hours, and I still will do that if there is a need.