• EPIC After Care Program


    1.   Objectives of the After Care Program

    a.   To provide a diversified program of physical activities as an alternative to the standard sedentary (classroom only child care).


    2.   Activities (3:00 p.m. - 5:45 p.m. daily)

    a.   Program begins immediately after school is dismissed and children are placed in age groups.

    b.   Each group will be supervised by an adult (college student and/ or EPIC staff member).


    3.   Cost:   Checks, cash, cashier check or money order.

    a.   Monthly payments are: $180.00 for one child and $144.00 for each addition child.

    b.   Refunds will not be made because of absence.

    c.   Payment for the month of May must be made in cash.

    d.   If a student is picked up after 5:45 p.m. an additional fee will be charged (cash only).


    4.   School Insurance must be carried by all children enrolled in the program.


    5.   When severe weather warning occurs, you must pick up your child immediately.


    Epic After Care Daily Schedule

    The first hour of everyday is homework.

                 Monday:----------------------  Karate, Games and Rhythm Exercises


                      Tuesday:----------------------  Tennis and Computer


                   Wednesday:----------------- Karate and Games


                   Thursday:---------------------  Craft


                      Friday:------------------------   Movie Day (hot dogs, pizza or nachos)


    There will be NO After Care Program on the following Dates:


    A. The day before Thanksgiving              D. EPIC Day (1st Friday in May)

    B. The day before Christmas Break         E. The last day for students

    C.  Friday before Spring Break