Ms. Valerie Williams



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Valerie Williams

5th Grade Teacher



Philosophy of Education 

What is your philosophy of education?

            The children that we teach today will be the future leaders of our society tomorrow.  What they learn today will have a definite impact on their lives.  A genuine, quality education is the only way to ensure that our children will be ready to take on the responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead.  I believe the success of a child starts at home.  The love and encouragement that they receive from home will give them the confidence they will need to learn and achieve at school. 

            Not only are educators important to a child’s learning, but they also play a maternal and paternal role in each child’s life.  What an educator does will make an impression on a child forever.  That is why we as educators must practice what we teach and be exceptional role models for our children. 

            Educators should also incorporate a variety of teaching methods into their daily lessons.  With so many different learning styles, we have to be able to recognize learning differences and be flexible in our teaching methods.  We have to learn to address each child’s learning styles when planning as well as when we deliver lessons to our students.  There is an old Native American saying that helps drive my instruction: Tell me and I will forget.  Show me, and I may not remember.  Involve me, and I will understand.  We must try to involve every child on a daily basis to be sure that no child is left behind.

            We have to provide a fair and safe environment that is conducive for learning for all children.  If a child does not feel safe, he or she will not be able to learn to their fullest ability.  We as educators must show fairness to all students and address any behavioral concerns promptly.  We also must allow children to feel that we are there for them by any means necessary.  Once a child feels that they can trust and confide in you, a sincere bond forms. We are shaping the minds and hearts of our future society.  Educating children is a career one can truly feel proud of at the end of any given day.

How do you apply that philosophy?

            It is my duty as an educator to ensure that every child is prepared to be a productive citizen.  I arrive at my school on a daily basis ready to be an educator, a counselor, a mother, a father, and a listener for all students not just the ones enrolled in my class.  I believe it is my calling to help children academically as well as socially.  I get to know each and every student I encounter.  That way I can individualize instruction and also help try to reach students on a social and emotional level.  From transforming the classroom into a planetarium, to dressing up depicting life in the during hte 1960's, the students of Richard Arrington Elementary receive the highest level of academic learning I deem possible.  To ensure that all students are achieving academically, I incorporate different styles of learning.  Many students gain more by acting as immigrants reaching and going through examinations at Ellis Island, than just by writing a report or reading about it. Everyday in my classroom, the students embark on new adventures of learning.  I tell my students each day, “It is not where you are, it is where you are aiming to go.”