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    Positive Affirmations

    1. I am responsible and in control of my life.

    2. Circumstances are what they are, but I can choose my attitude towards them.

    3. I am becoming prosperous.

    4. I am creating the financial resources I need.

    5. I am setting priorities and making time for what is important.

    6. Life has its challenges and its satisfactions; I enjoy the adventure of life.

    7. Every challenge that comes along is an opportunity for me to learn and to grow.

    8. I accept the natural ups and down of life.

    9. I love and accept myself the way I am.

    10. I deserve the good things in my life as much as anyone else.

    11. I am open to discovering new meaning in my life.

    12. It’s never too late to change.

    13. I am improving one step at a time.

    14. I am innately healthy, strong, and capable of recovering.

    15. I am getting better every day.

    16. I am committed to overcoming my condition.

    17. I am working on recovering from my condition.

    18. I can recover by taking small risks at my own pace.

    19. I am looking forward to the new freedom and opportunities I’ll have when I’ve recovered.

    20. I am learning to love myself.

    21. I am learning to be comfortable by myself.

    22. If someone doesn’t return my love, I let it go and move on.

    23. I am learning to be at peace with myself when alone.

    24. I am learning how to enjoy when alone.

    25. I respect and believe in myself apart from others’ opinions.

    26. I can accept and learn from constructive criticism.

    27. I am learning to be myself around others.

    28. It’s important to take care of my own needs.

    29. It’s okay to be myself around others.

    30. I appreciate my achievements and I’m much more than all of them put together.

    31. I am learning how to balance work and play in my life.

    32. I am learning that there is more to life than success.

    33. The greatest success is living well.

    34. I am a unique and capable person just as I am.

    35. I am proud of doing the best I can.

    36. It’s okay to make mistakes.

    37. I am willing to accept my mistakes and to learn from them.

    38. I am willing to allow others to help me.

    39. I acknowledge my need for other people.

    40. I am open to receiving support from others.

    41. I am willing to take the risk of getting close to someone.

    42. I am willing to relax and to let go.

    43. I am learning to accept those things I can’t control.




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