Booker T. Washington K-8 School Counseling Program

  • Booker T. Washington K-8 School Counseling Mission Statement

    The Mission of Booker T. Washington K-8 School Counseling Program is to nurture success in every scholar by providing them with needed coping tools and strategies. The school counselor serves as an advocate to meet the needs of every student, by way of programs which tackle student’s academics as well as social/emotional and career domains. The school counselor sees the whole child and therefore all students will receive fair and equitable access to services being offered through individual, small and large group counseling sessions that produce highly aware and capable citizens making an impact on society.

    Booker T. Washington K-8 School Counseling Vision Statement


    Through participation in the school counseling program, all Booker T. Washington K-8 students will feel equipped and empowered to make various decisions academically, socially and emotionally, and in other areas of life. Students will practice trustworthiness, responsibility, integrity, bravery, and empathy while fearlessly tackling life’s various trials and celebrations. Our desire is for students to go out and impact the world and the individuals around them in a positive way.

    Booker T. Washington K-8 School Counseling Beliefs


    - All students should have a safe, secure, and nurturing environment to thrive and learn.
    -All students have access to school counseling services that are evidence based thus resulting in an informed, empathetic, and well-rounded student.

    -All students have unlimited potential

    -All students are different, but equal
    -All students will be treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, culture, or religion.

    -The School Counselor will operate as a leader and an advocate to create equitable access to

    opportunities for personal growth for every student.

    -The school counseling program aims to collaborate with families, staff, and community stakeholders to address student developmental needs, primary prevention, and continuous student achievement.
    - The school counselor utilizes data to continuously improve the school counseling program and deliver services.
    -The school counselor develops and manages a comprehensive school counseling program that serves to meet students’ developmental needs through interventions in academic, career, and social /emotional domains.