Dear Parents/Guardians:                                                                                April 13, 2020


    Hoping Everyone is Being Safe and taking All Necessary Precautions during these Trying times in which we will get through.  The Teachers have established a Remote Learning Plan for the Students and Lessons will be assigned weekly for student Enrichment and/or Grade Repair.  For Science, my remote learning plans are weekly assignments, utilizing Standard 4 Geological Processes and History in which students will learn about the formation of rocks and the rock cycle,  the importance of water on earth, how water is recycled through the water cycle, and the history of the earth.  Most of their assignments will come from the Moby Max platform and some from their on-line Science Book.  Students will be given clear instructions weekly on where their assignments will be located and any other pertinent information. My office hours are Monday - Thursday, 9am-11am.  Please feel free to email me at jwashington4@bhm.k12.al.us.   Thank each of you for  entrusting me with your student's continued learning during these uncertain times.  My Prayer is for each of you to be Safe and Blessed. 



    J. Washington

    6th Grade Science




                                                                                                                    August 8, 2019                                       

    Dear Parents/Guardians:


    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your child’s life through the world of Science.  The first couple of days and the first full week of school, we will establish Team Building skills through different activities, practice and learn our class room rules, procedures and expectations.  We will also participate in hands-on activities as well as teacher demonstrations the second and third weeks.  Throughout the year, we will be utilizing many STEM activities which include Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


    We are looking to explore four main areas this 2019-2020 school year which include the following:  1. The Nature of Science, 2. Earth Place in the Universe, 3. Earth Systems and 4. Earth/Human Activities.  Students will be learning about Planets and the Solar System, and natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis to name a few. We will demonstrate and participate in some very cool experiments, make beautiful crystals in the lab, build and launch our own rockets and at the same time, learn how rocket launches affect the planets and other celestial bodies. 


    Last but not least, our class “Wish List” includes Kleenex, paper towels, hand sanitizer, copy paper, and band aids. A $20 Lab Fee is asked to be donated to our Science Curriculum.  This fee will cover the cost of our end of the school year Rockets in which we will order, build and launch as well as covering other science supplies.  This Lab Fee may be paid directly to Ms. Washington on any Friday and a receipt will be given promptly. 


    Again, thank you for entrusting me with your child’s education and we are looking forward to a Great School Year.  Thanks for your Support!!




    Jacqueline C. Washington, Educator

    6th Grade Earth Science