Mrs. Kathryn L. Fluker serves as the librarian at Green Acres Middle School. Mrs. Fluker started her career at St. Mary's Catholic School in Fairfield, Alabama in 1994. In 1998, she ventured off and started working in the Birmingham City Schools at Malachi Wilkerson Middle School. Mrs. Fluker taught ten years in the seventh grade language arts position. During her tenure there, she was mentored by Mrs. Susan Courington and went back to pursue a higher degree in library media from The University of West Alabama. She has been the librarian at Green Acres Middle since 2007, under the leadership of Dr. Evelyn L. Nettles-Hines and our present principal Mrs. Tarria Walters. She presently holds the position of technology coordinator, a member of the building leadership team, and she has been supervising a 21st CCLC afterschool program for the past 13 years. She wears numerous hats in the school building. In 2010, Mrs. Fluker received her Ed.S in library media science from the University of West Alabama. While working hard each year to inspire our students to become life-long readers, she enjoys spending quality time with her husbandman of 34 years, Vincent and their twin daughters, Kristen & Krista, who are educators in the Birmingham City Schools System.The twins are also involved with the 21st CCLC afterschool program as well.


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