• School Address

     3900 24th Street North

    Birmingham, AL 35207


    School Colors

     Crimson, Blue and White


    School Mascot

    The Ram

    Alma Mater
    Oh, Carver High, we sing to thee
    Of love, devotion ever new.
    We'll pledge our loyalty to thee
    And triumph o'er what ever may be.
    We bless this day within thy walls,
    Thy precepts all we'll honor too.
    All hail! All hail! To Carver High
    To Crimson and Blue, we'll ever be true.
    Music and words by Dr. Awilda Coleman Smith


     campus aerial
  • G. W. Carver High School is named after one of the world’s renowned scientists, George Washington Carver, who developed numerous products and processes that expanded the range of agriculture in the South. While working in his laboratory at Tuskegee Institute, he used the peanut, soybean, and sweet potato to make many different useful products for mankind.

    Nestled proudly atop a hill overlooking the northern area of Birmingham is George Washington Carver High School for Health Professions, Engineering, and Technology. A beacon of education, which can be seen from as far away as Ruffner Mountain, the school stands in all its glory as the standard for all Birmingham City Schools of the future to match or surpass. Special care has been taken in the construction of Carver to ensure that the aesthetic magnificence of the location is accentuated. An airy elegance encloses the building in all areas with every opportunity for glass enclosures utilized, allowing students full view of the entire skyline of Birmingham along with many beautiful, old trees that are carefully preserved on the campus. The nature-filled courtyard provides added opportunities for students to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
    The academic building encompasses 166,000 square feet. It is five stories high with the main entrance on the third floor. The 26,100 square feet cafeteria area, is designed to serve 500 students. Also featured in the academic building are the following:

                þ MediaCenter

    þ Science Labs

    þ Computer Labs

    þ Print Production Center

    þHealth Professions Laboratory

    þ Art Suites

    þ Drivers Education Suite

    þ Cosmetology Laboratory

    þ CAD Laboratory

    þ DistanceLearningCenter


    Building Two is where the world class Competition Center is located. Also in Building Two are the following:


    þ Theater

    þ Band Suite

    þ Choral Suite

    þ Orchestra Suite

    þ Animation Studio

    þ Television Broadcasting

    þ ROTC Shooting Range

    þ Physical Education Gym

    þ Weight Room

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