Degrees and Certifications:

Jana Roland-Williams

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."      

            Frederick Douglass



  • As the Alabama Reading Initiative Reading (ARI) Specialist, my job is to support teachers in K-3. It is an Alabama State Department of Education  priority that every student read on grade level by third grade.  The research is clear that a highly skilled teacher is the single most important factor in the reading achievement of students. Therefore, my role will be to function solely as a reading specialist and coaching partner with K-3 teachers. Additionally, a proportional amount of my time as determined by school data will be directed to working with students identified with the greatest needs gaps in reading achievement.  My purpose is to impact student learning by improving teacher reading and literacy content knowledge, skills, and professional practice so that all students attain profieciency by Grade 3 in reading/literacy.