• Robinson Elementary School's Library Syllabus


    Grades: K-5

    Instructor: Adriane Lewis-Harris

    Office Telephone #: 205 231-5578

    E-mail: alewis@bhm.k12.al.us

    Classes are Monday-Friday Ask your child's teacher for the schedule 


    In the event I am absent, classes will continue and a Sub will take my place for the day.


    Library Rules

    • Bring devices and make sure they are charged
    • Raise your hand to speak or ask questions
    • Be on time
    • No eating or drinking allowed 

     Remote Learning

    If for any reason we switch to remote learning, please follow the procedures listed below:

    • Go to your schoology page and find my library courses.  Look for your grade level
    • Click on your appropriate library course which will be listed by grade level
    • Once you click on the course, everything you will need for this course will be inside that course page
    • Follow the library schedule listed below and use the zoom link below to login to library classes 



    Zoom Links

    Please look at your scheduled day and time and login using this zoom link  86356090986