Speech-Language Pathologist

(photo of Christina Burgunder)
  • I am Christina Burgunder, a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) working at Sun Valley. Many of the students also know me as “Ms. B.” 

    I received my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in English Literature and a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Montevallo. I completed my Clinical Fellowship at UAB Sparks Clinics as part of an interdisciplinary evaluation team. Before entering the school system, I also worked in private practice. I started at Sun Valley during the 2017-2018 school year and have been a Viking since then! I love getting to work with students, families, and our school team and am passionate about empowering all of our children as communicators. 


    What do we work on in Speech Therapy?

    In Speech, our students work on many different aspects of communication, which can include:

    • Language skills (including vocabulary, understanding stories and informational texts, building narrative language skills, learning about structuring their ideas, etc.)
    • Speech sound production (learning to say speech sounds)
    • Fluency/stuttering
    • Social communication
    • Voice
    • And more! 

    Please reach out if you have any questions. I look forward to another great school year!


    Christina Burgunder, M.S., CCC-SLP


    (205) 231-5764