Meet the Principal

  • 2023-2024 School Year
    Educational Background
    JUCO Diploma - English
    BA - English (Stillman College)
    MA - Ed. Ldrship (UAB)
    ED.S - Ed. Ldrship (UAB)
    Ph.D. - Ed.Ldrship (UAB)
    MS- Health Admin. (TUI)
    MBA - Business Admin. (TUI)
    MIL Background
    MAJ, Logistics.  ALRNG (Multiple CENTCOM AOR Deployments)
    Command General Staff Officer Course (CGSOC)
    Guiding Philosophy: Mission Command (ADP 3-0)
    Welcome to John Herbert Phillips Academy, a Birmingham City School's 2023-2024 Grade A Report Card recipient from the Alabama State Dept. of Education (ALSDE).  We are "An IB World Class School of Excellence".   As a magnate school in Birmingham City Schools, our goal is aligned with the district's aim of continuous academic growth for all our awesome, magnificent, world class, Grade A students!  Our instructional strategies for 2023 - 2024 will remain: enhancing our IB instructional framework, standards-based instructional practices, increasing conceptual understanding across content areas, and increasing 3rd grade literacy and numeracy proficiency per the Alabama Reading and Numeracy Act.
    In addition, our strategic goals will also be tailored to the "Force For Greatness 2018-2023" ( plan for student success, and the overall goals for College and Career Readiness (CCR). We will:
    1.  Address Social Emotional Learning (SEL) needs of our scholars.
    2.  Force Management: Our teachers and staff are essential resources and critical to our success. We emphasize staff PD and personal well-being.
    My challenge to our world class parents this year: Be more involved in your scholars' learning than you've ever been.  Teacher shortages, various life traumas for students/teachers, student apathy, social media, and many other issues are challenging schools across the nation.  Make it a point to check in with your scholars' teacher at least once a month (or after every five FB/social media posts/responses you make :-)).  Paraphrasing President John F. Kennedy, ask NOT ONLY what your scholars' teachers should be doing for you, but  also WHAT you should be doing to help your scholars' teachers perform the best they can.  Let's not treat our scholars like "fire and forget" artillery munitions.  Follow up; follow through, with teachers and the admin team.  We answer to you.  
    Together, LET'S GO LIONS!
  • principal

    E. Nzeocha