• 8th Grade Classes researched information about Greek culture and gods and prepared projects, as well as participating in the annual Olympic games and step show in the gym on May 22, 2014.
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  • Scores from the Olympic Games:
    Basketball Run: Athens 3 vs Olympia 5, Sparta 2 vs Argos 5
    Sack Race: Argos 1st, Sparta 2nd, Olympia 3rd, Athens 4th
    Spoon Egg: Argos 1st, Athens 2nd
    Balloon Burst: Argos 1st, Athens 2nd, Olympia 3rd, Sparta 4th
    Basketball Toss: Argos 5 vs Olympia 4
    Agility Basketball: Athens 1st vs Sparta 2nd
    Overall Winners: Gold - Argos,  Silver - Olympia,  Bronze - Athens