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Charles A. Brown, the Center of the Community

On Thursday, Decemer 14, Charles A. Brown Elementary International Baccalaureate World School hosted the Belview Heights Neighborhood Association meeting and Christmas Party.  Our students performed and we shared with our stakeholders the news regarding our recent IB Authorization. In attendance were Mayor Woodfin, Councilor Hoyt, Commissioner Little-Brown, Representative Rod Scott and Representative John Rogers.  By the end of the night, $7000 ($5000 from Commissioner Brown and $2000 from Representative Scott) in donations and pledges had been given to Brown Elementary.  The funds will be used for additional resources to sustain and advance our work.  Each of these officials supported our vision in spirit and with donations from the beginning of our journey and we expressed our gratitude.


Also in attendance at the event were former Mayor and Mrs. Bernard Kinkaid as well as Board Member Sonja Smith.  It was a great night of celebration for our learning community.