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Brasfield and Gorrie Service Enrichment Internship Program to Beautify Dupuy Alternative's Backyard Space

The backyard of Dupuy Alternative School (former Dupuy Elementary School) is getting a makeover!  The aging former elementary school that serviced the Kingston community for many years received a new lease on life following the reinstitution of the alternative school program in August 2017.  The daily activities of administrators, teachers and students walking the halls, learning the classics within a 21st century context, and processing through a more restorative perspective of life has expanded the future in-and outside the walls of the physical building.  Students find their way to Dupuy Alternative School for a multitude of reasons; but while their normal school environment finds a new address for a period of time, their opportunity to continue to receive a quality education never ends. On November 16, the physical effects of a multi-tiered partnership with Brasfield and Gorrie’s service enrichment internship program will begin.  The goal for the day’s work with be to convert the backyard space behind the gym into an educational courtyard that provides equity and inclusion for all learners. The purpose of this project is to provide an environment for students to conduct inquiry-based investigations for authentic, real-world scenarios. Brasfield and Gorrie will be bringing 30 engineering and building science interns to assist with this project. When finished, the interns will have the concrete surface leveled and repainted and the tables and chairs repurposed in Dupuy colors.  Also, the interns will teach our environmental science students how to build a raised garden box which will allow those students to pass on the knowledge of how to create an urban garden to the future students.”  Stay tuned for the transformation on Nov. 16th.



Dupuy pic back yard