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BCS Students Offered Rotary Scholarships

rotary logo The Rotary Club of Birmingham is offering college scholarships to four Birmingham City Schools (BCS) students. 

The scholarships are valued at $8,000 for each student. Each student will receive $2,000 every year for up to four years if renewal requirements are met. 

The following students are being offered the scholarships:

–Jocelyn Garcia – Parker High

–Jillian Jolly – Ramsay High 

–Cameron Humes – Huffman High

–Olivia Lee – Ramsay High 

These students were selected among 67 BCS students who applied for the scholarships. BCS thanks the district's counselors for encouraging students to apply as well as Mr. Jim Hughey and Ms. Susan Jackson of the Rotary Club for the work and time they invested in these opportunities for students.