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Congratulations to Melba Johnson Shanks of Tuggle Elementary

Congratulations to Melba Johnson Shanks, counselor from Tuggle Elementary, for her performance in the National Career Development Month Poetry and Art Competition. Melba Shank’s entry in the Poetry, Open Adult Division won second place with her poem titled,
My Career, which focuses on Johnson’s career as a school counselor and the impact she has on the lives of her students.


My Career ..2nd Place Award


My career is the key to unlock the door for children to soar.

When I speak life into a child, it should make them smile.

When I listen to a child, it helps them share their fears.

As a counselor, I am the resource and service at the school.I help and give them direction to cope over the years.

Life is a daily task of completing goals, but when we do not set them, we have no direction of which way to go.

A school counselor is train to help every male or female grow.

My career is special to children because they can explore their feelings of equality and diversity. A supportive counselor will help guide you along the adventurous journey.

Choosing a career can be an up and down hill rollercoaster ride for the young and old. Remember it is your decision that will help you accomplish your future goals.