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Reading Fair

During the month of November, students in grades kindergarten-8th work digilently on their reading fair projects. The judges came out and judged the projects on Friday, December 6, 2019. The were chalenged with identifying which place certian project placed due to the awesom and creative work that was displayed. 

Below are the list of winners!



First Grade Winners 
FIRST PLACE  Kylie Griffin    - Ms. Lindsay   
SECOND PLACE Jacahris Jimerson -  Ms. Lindsay 
THIRD PLACE  - Kasi Richardson - Ms. Lindsay 
Second Grade Winners
FIRST PLACE   Jayla Bibb  - Ms. Wayne
SECOND PLACE James Jackson   - Mrs. Maye
THIRD PLACE  Mariah Jones  - Mrs. Sanders
Third Place Winners 
FIRST PLACE - Jamarion Morris  - Ms. James
SECOND PLACE Wayne Nelson - Ms. James
THIRD PLACE  Brendan Bizzell - Ms. Lowery
Fourth Grade Winners 
FIRST PLACE -   Kamaree Williams - Mrs. Brown
SECOND PLACE- Favion Adams - Ms. Pritchett
THIRD PLACE - Daymon Bush - Mrs. Petty
Fifth Grade Winners
First Place Jaliyah Pruitt- Ms. Taylor
SECOND PLACE Chase Glenn  Ms. Taylor
THIRD PLACE  Markese Glenn - Ms. Taylor
Sixth - Eighth Winners
FIRST PLACE Jakiyah Bibbs - Ms. Haines
SECOND PLACE - Moses Roberson    Ms. Maldonado
THIRD PLACE - Twylla Lightfoot - Ms. Haines
Click on image below to view winners and their ribbons!
Reading Fair