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Birmingham Public Library

Why should I use a Birmingham Public Library database?

Birmingham Public librarians have chosen over 100 databases covering topics from Art to Zoology. Our databases run the gamut from the classic Encyclopedia Britannicato the WPA Index to Alabama Biography and everything in between. We even have some databases in Spanish.

Students from grade school to college, as well as patrons just surfing for information, can find a database to cover their needs or interests. These databases are authoritative sources written and edited by experts in their respective fields. All these databases are accessible at the Central location or your local branch. Many of these resources can also be accessed from offsite.


The Birmingham Public Library provides leading edge technology to all of our patrons and to the general public.

In addition to Internet access, you will find such offerings as Microsoft office applications including Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and desktop publishing applications such as Publisher.

Our library catalog offers you the holdings of every public library in Jefferson County, Alabama and you have instant access to a host of database subscriptions by way of JCLC and the AVL.

BPL Central and all of the Branch Libraries have high speed Internet connections and computers dedicated to providing access to the Internet and to most all of the media products within our repertoire.