School Dude Information

In order ensure that support is distributed across the district several changes are being made to improve efficiency.

· We will no longer accept phone calls to initiate STI support request. 
   This is currently the standard operating procedure for the rest of the Information Technology Division.
· STI Support will be provided based on the submission of a Help Desk request using SchoolDude. (see attached doc) 
    Tickets will be responded to by severity and not on a first come first serve basis.
· Only the 1) STI Expert, 2) Technical Coordinators, AP and Principals may enter STI support tickets for a school.

Any teacher or parent that seeks support outside of this process will be redirected back to the support structure described below. 

Technical Coordinators Supports: (ALL TEACHERS at your school)
·         Password resets  
·         Parent Portal access to STI for parents
·         Grade Book Support
·         Discipline support for Principals
·         Any other STI issues relating to teachers using STI 

Using SchoolDude To Report A Problem-1.pdf, 534.65 KB; (Last Modified on August 14, 2014)